Linen Cloth

Linen Cloth
   See Fair Linen Cloth.

American Church Dictionary and Cyclopedia. — New York, Thomas Whittaker. . 1901.

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  • Fair Linen Cloth —    , Fair White Linen Cloth    In the Communion Office there are two rubrics, the first of which reads as follows: The Table, at the Communion time having a fair white linen cloth upon it, etc. By this is meant the long linen cloth the breadth of …   American Church Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • linen — (n.) cloth from woven flax, early 14c.; earlier as an adjective, made of flax (c.1200), from O.E. linin (adj.) made of flax, from lin flax, linen thread, cloth, from W.Gmc. *linam (Cf. O.S., O.N., O.H.G. lin flax, linen, Ger. Leinen linen, Goth.… …   Etymology dictionary

  • linen — Cloth made from flax which grew well in the low, hot areas of the Jordan valley. Fine woven cloth was a luxury (Judg. 14:12–13), and was much sought after by the wealthy (Luke 16:19). Because of its quality, linen was used for the tabernacle… …   Dictionary of the Bible

  • Linen — Lin en (l[i^]n [e^]n), a. [OE., fr. lin linen. See {Linen}, n.] 1. Made of linen; as, linen cloth; a linen stocking. [1913 Webster] 2. Resembling linen cloth; white; pale. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • linen — (Roget s IV) n. Syn. cloth, material, flaxen fabric, sheeting, linen cloth. Types of linen include: damask, single damask, five leaf damask, eight leaf damask, linen duck, linen huckaback, linen crash, dowlas, osnaburg, low sheeting, low brown… …   English dictionary for students

  • linen — n. & adj. n. 1 a cloth woven from flax. b a particular kind of this. 2 (collect.) articles made or orig. made of linen, calico, etc., as sheets, cloths, shirts, undergarments, etc. adj. made of linen or flax (linen cloth). Phrases and idioms:… …   Useful english dictionary

  • linen — I. adjective Etymology: Middle English, from Old English līnen, from līn flax, from Latin linum flax; akin to Greek linon flax, thread Date: before 12th century 1. made of flax 2. made of or resembling linen II. noun Date: 14th century 1 …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Linen —    1) Heb., pishet, pishtah, denotes flax, of which linen is made (Isa. 19:9); wrought flax, i.e., linen cloth , Lev. 13:47, 48, 52, 59; Deut. 22:11.    Flax was early cultivated in Egypt (Ex. 9:31), and also in Palestine (Josh. 2:6; Hos. 2:9).… …   Easton's Bible Dictionary

  • linen — lineny, adj. /lin euhn/, n. 1. fabric woven from flax yarns. 2. Often, linens. bedding, tablecloths, shirts, etc., made of linen cloth or a more common substitute, as cotton. 3. yarn made of flax fiber. 4. thread made of flax yarns. 5. wash one s …   Universalium

  • linen — n. 1. Cloth of flax, flaxen fabric, linen cloth. 2. Thread of flax, linen thread. 3. Under garments …   New dictionary of synonyms

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